Our Experience

From civil and structural, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering to environmentally sustainable design, and fire and hydraulics consultancy programmes, DPE provides a total team approach to all aspects of engineering. Here, the projects are co-ordinated in-house between disciplines, and utilises the design tool BIM (Building Information Modelling) and a comprehensive suite of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. The former is a ready platform for design integration, which allows the team to electronically detect clashes in design; thereby avoiding timely and costly site errors. CAD, on the other hand, speeds up the development of detailed analysis and calculations.
Thus equipped with professional manpower and cutting-edge technology, DPE performs as an interface among all disciplines to ensure fully coordinated design solutions. They work closely with consultant teams while paying close attention to the requirements and expectations of their clients to develop a comprehensive design brief that reflects the client’s objectives and core values. This is achieved by conducting frequent and detailed design reviews throughout the various phases of work. Feedback is continuous and value engineering proposals adopted promptly. Through this, DPE ensures that both design and data are presented on a timely basis, and are applicable for tender or construction during specific stages of the project. The pursued outcome is a flexible, value-added solution that caters to a client’s corporate culture and mission.
Today, DPE services encompasses engineering services and disciplines from the onset of the design to system commissioning stage. This includes Feasibility Study, Bioclimatic Analysis, Concept & Design Development, Quality Planning, Site Implementation; Civil, Structural & Geotechnical Engineering; Mechanical & Electrical Engineering; Info-Communication System and Energy Consultation.

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