Year of Completion
Oxley Gem

The Pine Tree Hotel, located in a prime location just north west of Orchard Road, is to be transformed into 28,750 sqm of development incorporating a 77% split of Hotel and a 20% split of Commercial. The remaining 3% will be set aside for the Pines new clubhouse.

This new and iconic hospitality development is positioned to address Singapore’s demand for both business and tourist hotels. The hotel consists of 782 guest rooms and 60% of the hotel will be designed to a 3 star hotel standard while the remaining 40% will be 4 star hotel standard.

Creating an integrated and cohesive development, the development will add value to the urban fabric along Stevens Road. This will be a destination commercial venue, one that attracts a variety of restaurants catering to both the hotel guests and the general public.

DP Engineer’s scope of work in this project is both Civil and Structural (C&S) and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultancy Services. The curved nature of the building form presented an interesting challenge to fit both the structural elements and building services into the Architectural Design. To meet statutory requirements the air conditioning of the standalone externally facing commercial areas are served by individual VRF systems instead of the centralized chilled water system serving the hotel block.